We are committed to each of our valued customers, whether it is a large organization or a smaller growing business, to meet their specific, unique needs and to build a strong partnership with them to enhance their success, as when our customers succeed, we succeed!

Skolnik Technical is dedicated to continuous improvement in service and support to you.  We provide solutions to meet your objectives with the highest quality standards and with the excellent service that you demand.  We look forward to being of service to you.


  • We ensure unsurpassed service.
  • We make our customers successful.
  • We accomplish our work with emphasis on ethics and quality.
  • We believe in uncompromising integrity, trust, responsibility and accountability.
  • We treat everyone with respect and dignity.
  • We provide a professional, open, and pleasant working environment.
  • We enjoy and have fun with our work.


Combining her electrical engineering education with prior skills and experience in this discipline along with her multi years of practice in contract management and in sales & marketing, Lan,  president of Skolnik Technical, is committed to establishing the finest standards for excellence, not only to offer first-class, unparalleled services, but also to present a complete total positive experience for our customers, while meeting their precise needs and expectations. Lan's high principle and deep dedication to exceptional customer satisfaction are infused in the Skolnik team.

Jay Skolnik, PE, a licensed professional electrical engineer, is the co-founder of Skolnik Technical.  With over thirty years of experience in the electronics industry, he has developed a multitude of products utilized in the different industries, including avionics, commercial, industrial, medical, automotive, and sports entertainment. 

Electronics, for all time, has been Jay's passion and forte, even when he was a little child.  He enthusiastically reaches out to the community, promoting and explaining the significance of science & engineering to students of all ages, as well as sponsors, mentors and offers technical guidance to college engineering students with their course design projects.  As an avid electronics aficionado, the HAM Radio Club is one of his fervors; he acquired his license to become an Amateur Radio Operator.   In addition to his delight in electrical engineering,  Jay is also fascinated with flying.  He is a private pilot who loves to be on the wing, soaring in high air, and is always looking for this exciting pleasure.    

Various highlights of Jay's accomplishments include his designs of reliable avionics electronics instrumentations.  Applying his extensive experience in the avionics industry to the needs of today's global jewelry manufacturers, he had instrumentally brought science to the art of casting by developing the Advanced Dynamic Computer (ADC) for precision-engineered jewelry induction casting machines with revolutionary casting benefits - the most dependable, fault-tolerant, best-built electronic systems of the Neutec/USA J-5, J-10b and J-15 jewelry induction casting machines, which effectively have earned Neutec/USA its renowned status as the technological leader of casting systems by casters around the world.

Other projects consist of the engineering of the Electronic Control Module (ECM) of an auxiliary power unit for tractor trailer trucks for the reduction of fuel consumption & emission, the design of a multi-colored LED light module for emergency vehicles for elimination of keyboard use at night time, and the design of health fitness assessment systems, as well as the development of various devices for the medical industry and sports entertainment.

Having successfully received training in Lean Manufacturing from MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership), applying the practical, valuable concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Jay instrumentally leads our team in effectively designing, engineering and developing our customers' products for a lean manufacturing environment. 

Jay is an ESD Program Manager certified by the ESD Association.  As an active member of the ESD Association since 1999, he is an Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESDC) consultant, certified by iNARTE (International Association of Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics), as well as a highly skilled IPC-certified ESDC Instructor, with multiple years of experience and knowledge in ESD and technical excellence in training, know-how, and job performance.  He is a certified ESD specialist/plant auditor and certified ESDA TR53 technician, in accordance with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 Plant Auditor program by ESDA (ESD Association).  In addition, he is a Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) of National Instruments (NI), for the NI Electronics Workbench MultiSIM (capturing, simulating and analyzing electronics designs) & UltiBOARD (designing printed circuit boards) software.  

Jay's talent, expertise and industry leadership are the foundation on which all Skolnik Technical’s services are developed and produced.  We believe our uncompromising integrity, trust, respect, teamwork and innovation make a difference.  We deliver technologies, solutions and services to help you meet your goals and objectives.....as when you succeed, we succeed!

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