Introduction to Radio Frequency (RF)

RF_Int2This class will introduce you to the discipline of RF (and µwaves).  We will study and discuss the theoretical concepts and practical aspects of RF components, design, test and measurement.

We understand your work is important to you and that you want the right training which meets your requirements. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to customize our training to address your specific needs.  Although a standard agenda is established for each class, on the first day of training, we will inquire you about your work, what you already know, and what you would like to learn so that we can tailor the class to your precise applications, as necessary. We want to provide you with the best, value-added training available, that is advantageous to you and to your organization.

Class Overview

  • Morse code
  • CW
  • E & H fields
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Wavelength
  • Near field vs Far field
  • RF vs. Microwave
  • Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum
  • Band designations
  • Bandwidth
  • ISM Band
  • Gain and Attenuation
  • Modulation
  • EMI
  • EMF
  • Watts vs. dB (Gain)
  • PCB Topics
  • RF connectors
  • Transmission Lines, Types
  • Characteristic Impedance
  • Reflection Coefficient
  • VSWR
  • Isolation
  • Propagational Velocity
  • S-parameters
  • Antennas
  • “Antenna Gain”
  • Antenna aperture
  • Isotropic Radiator
  • dBi
  • dBm
  • dBu
  • Antenna Length
  • Directivity
  • Beam Patterns
  • Testing and Measurement Equipment
  • Multipath Distortion, Errors
  • Link Margin
  • SNR
  • PSD
  • Receiver
  • RF Behavior
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Sources of Noise
  • Radar
  • Pulse
  • 120π Ohms
  • Change in refraction.  Reflection
  • Freq in pulse
  • FMCW
  • Time of Flight
  • Radar Cross Section
  • Radar equation
  • Doppler Shift
  • Coherent Integration
  • Reasons for Radar
  • Radar Types
  • Radar Clutter
  • Lidar
  • Troubleshooting HF
  • Faraday Cage
  • MuMetal

Class Details

Tuition: $2,489 per student (plus the appropriate NMGRT if taught in New Mexico), where NMGRT = New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax

Prerequisite: Our Prerequisite to Introduction to Radio Frequency (RF) class or equivalent

Target audience: Technicians, engineers, managers

Instructor: Jay Skolnik, PE (Professional Licensed Electrical Engineer & ESD Program Manager Certified by ESD Association & iNARTE ESDC Certified & IPC ESDC Certified Instructor & Active Member of ESD Association & Certified ESD Specialist / Plant Auditor & Certified ESDA TR53 Technician by ESDA & Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) for National Instruments (NI) Multisim & Ultiboard programs)  

Class length: 4 half days

Class time: 12 PM to 4 PM (Mountain Time).    

Class location: Live Online

Various Comments from Past Attendees

"Good Intro to RF, a good refresher - Well-done, I enjoyed the real-world practical lessons & experiences."
Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories

"Very complete and well-done for an intro class!"
Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories

"Everything was great!"
Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories

"Jay is one of the best instructors I've had."
Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories

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