Basics of Electricity, AC/DC Circuits

Based on the students’ requests, we have developed this special 3-day class that combines the best of both our individual AC course and DC course into one to study the basics of electricity.  As the AC and DC principles are closely correlated to each other, for those who are interested in an informative introduction to these concepts in a concise and efficient educational fashion, this class is specifically designed for this purpose.  No prior knowledge of electricity is required to attend this class.  Not only will the fundamental theories be discussed, enlightening simulations and real-life examples will be illustrated to effectively explain how the concepts are being utilized in different applications in the electronics industry.   With fun, practical hands-on exercises and interesting demonstrations, students will have an edifying learning experience, allowing them to obtain new, useful knowledge to enhance their job performance.

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Class Overview

The Nature of Electricity

Electrical Standards & Conventions

Ohm’s Law & Power

Direct-Current (DC) Series Circuits

DC Parallel Circuits


Kirchhoff’s Laws

Magnetism & Electromagnetism

DC Generators & Motors

Principles of Alternating Current (AC)

Inductance, Inductive Reactance and Inductive Circuits

Capacitance, Capacitive Reactance and Capacitive Circuits

Single-Phase Circuits

AC Generators & Motors


Three-Phase Systems

Series & Parallel Resonance

Waveforms & Time Constants

Class Details

Training Price: $2,975 per student (plus the appropriate NMGRT, where NMGRT = New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax)

Target audience: Assemblers, operators, electricians, technicians, engineers, managers, warehouse personnel, maintenance workers

Instructor:  Jay Skolnik, PE (Professional Licensed Electrical Engineer & ESD Program Manager Certified by ESD Association & iNARTE ESDC Certified & IPC ESDC Certified Instructor & Member of ESD Association & Certified ESD Specialist / Plant Auditor & Certified ESDA TR53 Technician by ESDA & Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) for National Instruments (NI) Multisim & Ultiboard programs)

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Class length: 3 days

Class size: 15 minimum

Class time: 8:30 AM to 5 PM (Mountain Time).  There is a 1-hour lunch break from 12 PM to 1 PM daily.  There are stretch breaks periodically throughout the day.

Class location: Please refer to the emailed registration confirmation that you received from Skolnik Tech upon your completion of class registration.  Thank you.  

What to bring: Pen/pencil and paper for taking notes, and a calculator if you have one.   If you use a multi-meter, voltmeter, or ohmmeter, etc., please bring them. We will learn their features and how to use them.

What to wear: Casual, comfortable clothes

Inclement weather:  Should we experience inclement weather at any time during the training period, please check our web site at or call us at (505) 299-1157 early in the morning on the class date prior to start of class for instructions regarding the training schedule for that particular class date.  Thank you.


Various Comments from Past Attendees

“Thank you so much for the wonderful informative training class I am able to attend. Learned a ton, and Jay makes it a fun hands-on class.”

Electronics Technologist – Sandia National Laboratories


“Awesome! Thank you, it was a great class and I learned a lot!”           

Systems Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories


“This is the most engaged I’ve ever been in all of the classes I’ve taken to date!”

Systems Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories


The class was excellent and I got so much out of it.”

Systems Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories


“Thanks for the great class!  It was a very useful review of basic AC/DC concepts and enjoyed the hands-on applications.”

Systems Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories

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