Service Rates

                                                    A.  Engineering / Consulting


                                                    Service Description:

Hardware and/or software initial design or re-design including R & D, design, test and integration, electronics/electrical engineering consulting - failure analysis & troubleshooting of customerís  products, and ESD consulting - on-site assessment, survey/audit, as well as one-on-one personalized training and expert witness


                                                    Service rates with a minimum charge of one (1) hour (for both on-site & off-site services):


                                                    A.  Standard Time - For service provided during normal business work hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm:  $400.00 per hour


                                                    B.  Overtime - For service provided that exceeds the standard 40 hours of a normal workweek:   $500.00 per hour


                                                    C.  Prime Time -  For service provided after normal business work hours (as detailed above) and weekends, as well as holidays***:   $500.00 per hour


                                                    D.  Travel Time - For travel-related labor/time, i.e., preparation efforts, airport time, flight time, driving time, car rental pick-up/return: $400.00 per hour


                                                    *** For your reference, the following holidays are observed by Skolnik Tech:

                                                    1.  Memorial Day

                                                    2.  Independence Day

                                                    3.  Labor Day

                                                    4.  Thanksgiving Day

                                                    5.  The six (6) working days encompassing Christmas and New Year holidays

                                                    Typically, if a holiday falls on a scheduled day-off, then it is observed on the nearest scheduled workday.



                                   B.  Training


                                                    Service Description:

Existing classes offered by Skolnik Technical Training Institute.  Please refer to our web site for the complete details.  Customized and on-site training are also available upon customerís request.

                                                    Service Rate:  Please refer to our web site for prices.




                                                    Service Terms & Conditions:

       Customer purchase order (PO) is required prior to start of work. 

       In exchange for the described work (please refer to the Statement of Work (SOW) for the complete details), Skolnik Technical shall receive as compensation, the Time & Materials (T & M) rates described herein.

       In addition to the above specified labor rate, customer shall pay or reimburse Skolnik Technical for all materials and any expenses incurred by the project, including travel expenses.

       Prices:  Prices are valid for 30 days from date of price quotation.

       Payment Terms:  

1.  "Net 10 Days" are our standard payment terms.  

2.  For new customers, Skolnik Technical requires pre-payment from the customer, prior to start of work or training.

3.  The appropriate New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax (NMGRT) will be added to the invoice value unless customer provides a Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate (NTTC) to Skolnik Technical.  For your reference, Skolnik Technical Training Instituteís NM business registration CRS # is 02-340150-008.

       Work Stoppage:  Any customer changes, which cause the project to come to a halt, will still enable Skolnik Technical to invoice customer for all work performed to date prior to project discontinuation, and agreed payment terms will apply.

       Customer Changes:  Skolnik Technical considers any request to modify the original SOW to be a change. Should the changes made during the project cycle result in additional work, Skolnik reserves the right to stop the work in progress and re-quote the project. Once the new price quotation is approved by the customer and a new or amended purchase order (PO) is issued, work will commence again based on the newly updated SOW.

       Estimated Price Quotation: Per the customerís request, Skolnik Technical will be happy to provide an estimated T&M cost for the project, strictly for customerís budgeting purpose.  This estimated figure is not designed to be a firm, fixed price (FFP) and shall not in any way be considered a binding contract between Skolnik Technical and the customer.

       Skolnik Technical is also an active member of the ESD Association.  

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