Lilia Ortega’s Biography

An experienced, highly qualified IPC-certified &NASA-certified trainer and assembly specialist with excellent practical, industrial skills and multiple years of experience and expertise in electronic assembly manufacturing, Lilia, who is fluent in Spanish, is much passionate and dedicated to helping her students acquire the correct necessary skills & knowledge such that they can become proficient in their electronic assembly workmanship, enabling them to efficiently and effectively perform their functions with high quality.

In addition to her classroom instructions, Lilia performs electronic assembly on a regular basis.  Consequently, she not only understands the standard classroom lecture materials / theoretical concepts but also possesses the applied, hands-on experience, which in turn, enables her to share these concrete real-world skills with her students in their classroom learning, making our training value-added and practical, as well as more useful.     

Lilia is a seasoned, talented IPC-certified trainer (CIT) for the following IPC standards.

1.     IPC-A-610 “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies”

2.     IPC-J-STD-001 “Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies”

3.     IPC/WHMA-A-620 "Requirements and Acceptance for Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies"  

4.     IPC-7711/21 “Rework, Modification And Repair of Electronic Assemblies”  

With over 30 years of experience in the electronic industry, including military, medical and commercial specifications, Lilia has developed outstanding workmanship skills and expertise in soldering and populating circuit boards, reworking, repairing and modifying  electrical & electronic assemblies, in manufacturing electrical & electronic equipment, including cable & wire harness assembly, etc .

Prior to her training services to which she’s currently devoted, during her 15 years at Honeywell DASD, Lilia had gained invaluable experience from hands-on assembly to advanced manufacturing management.  From initially assembling avionics equipment, i.e. circuit card assemblies, power supplies, wire harnesses, breadboards of electronic equipment, wire wrapping of mother boards and flex print assemblies, and building & troubleshooting test equipment prototypes according to engineering drawings/schematics of military standards, etc.  to progressively managing the Advanced Manufacturing Process Department consisting of 45 associates, that was responsible for the building of all Flight Controls hardware, she successfully supervised multiple production lines by instrumentally applying continuous quality improvement, to reduce backlog and increase throughput, exceeding departmental goals & objectives.  With her notable accomplishments, she was recognized as a positive contributing member of the Certified Front Line Leadership Program.  

Additionally, extremely enjoying educate others and loving to share her skills & knowledge, as an enthusiastic teacher, Lilia also conducted hands-on training for her team members on the assembly line, which was proven to be much beneficial.  And this pleasant, rewarding activity had eventually led Lilia to offer her current fabulous instructional courses in electronic assembly.

A caring instructor, Lilia is very attentive to her student's learning.  To ensure the integrity and high quality of our training, we hold small classes with eight (8) students maximum per class.   In this fashion, the student/teacher ratio is low and our instructor can provide more one-on-one time and attention to all students with their hands-on exercises (which they deserve), allowing our training to be more personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual.

Our small, warm classroom size offers a nice, casual, relaxing and comfortable setting and is conducive to your learning.  Our goal is to make your learning experience a worthwhile, enlightening and enjoyable one!  All required training tools, equipment, accessories and materials will be provided to you, for your effective learning.   You simply show up and ready to learn! 

Our normal class schedule is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, although we’re flexible and will be happy to accommodate your special schedule circumstance as best as we possibly can, to ensure your timely training need & requirement.  Also, we offer both on-site and off-site classes to our students, including customized training.  You may participate in our standard classes, which are offered to the general public, that are held off-site at our facility.  And for group training, if you wish, for your convenience, we will be happy to conduct the class on-site at your facility.    

Although the IPC classes are industry-standard certification courses, Lilia realizes that your work is important to you and that you want the right training which

meets your specific requirements; hence in addition to IPC’s standard class curriculum, we also offer the flexibility to include additional customized training to address your precise training needs, as necessary.  Simply advise us.  We want to provide you with the best, value-added training available, that is advantageous to you and to your business organization, and we're excitedly looking forward to being of service to you!


Skolnik Technical is also an active member of the ESD Association.