Electronics in Simple Terms:


If you conduct the daily business in the electronic industry, yet possess limited knowledge of this industry and find the electronic terminology to be a distant and incomprehensible language, and are much interested in learning about this subject and gaining more insights about its industry, then this class is definitely for you!

This 2-day class is specially designed for the Electronics Procurement Specialists, Purchasing Specialists, Supply Chain personnel, Sales Representatives, Incoming Receiving Inspection personnel, Manufacturing personnel, Warehouse personnel, and Managers, as well as for others who are involved in the decision-making of electronic tools, components, and accessories on a daily basis or who are simply in frequent communication with the electronic engineers, technologists, and technicians.

Our skilled instructor will introduce and explain elementary electronics to you in plain, simple terms, helping you to easily understand its basic concepts, its  fundamental components, symbols, and functions, as well as its technical special language/vocabulary, etc.   A fun, informative, and educational show & tell of the different electronic devices will also be presented, allowing you the opportunity to examine and study many of the electronic products.

Upon successful completion of this class, you will gain a better understanding of the electronics industry in which you work, enabling you to not only efficiently & effectively perform your tasks, but also perhaps enjoy  your functions much more.  


Our instructors understand that your work is important to you and that you want the right training which meets your

requirements, and thatís why we offer the flexibility to customize our training to address your specific needs. 


Although a specific curriculum/agenda is established for each particular training class, on the first day of class, our expert trainer will inquire you about your work, what you already know, and what you would like to learn, to enable him/her to tailor the existing course to the precise needs of your job applications, as necessary. 


We want to provide you with the best, value-added training available, that is advantageous to you and to your business



  • Direct current (DC) & Alternating current (AC)

  • Voltage

  • Resistance, Resistors, Resistor Values, Color Codes, Part Numbers

  • Ohm's Law

  • Power

  • Power Supplies

  • Batteries

  • Transformers

  • Capacitors

  • Inductors

  • Potentiometers

  • Conductors

  • Insulators

  • Cables

  • Wires

  • Connectors

  • Fuses                   

  • Lamps

  • Relays

  • Switches

  • Crystals

  • Heat Sinks

  • Transistors

  • Rectifiers

  • Diodes

  • Integrated Circuits (IC's)

  • Digital Logic Gates & Circuits

  • Memory Devices

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)

  • Optoelectronic Devices

  • Displays

  • Plated Through Hole Technology (PTH)

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

  • Component Package Types

  • Etc.

Tuition:  $1,859 (plus the appropriate NMGRT if taught in New Mexico), where NMGRT = New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax


Handbook: Included

Prerequisite: None

Certification: None

Target Audience: Electronics sales, purchasers, buyers, procurement specialists, purchasing specialists, planners, supply chain personnel, incoming receiving inspection personnel, manufacturing personnel, warehouse personnel, assemblers, managers

Instructor:   Jay Skolnik, PE (Professional Licensed Electrical Engineer & ESD Program Manager Certified by ESD Association (ESDA) & iNARTE ESDC Certified & IPC ESDC Certified Instructor & Active Member of ESD Association & Certified ESD Specialist / Plant Auditor & Certified ESDA TR53 Technician by ESDA & Member of ESDA Education Council & ESDA Education Committee Chair & Member of ESDA Manufacturing Track Committee & Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) for National Instruments (NI) Multisim & Ultiboard programs)

Related Courses: Basics of Electricity, DC Circuits, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

Class Length: 2 days

Class Exam:  None

Class Size: 10 minimum

Dates: (please click here for our training class schedule)

Times: 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. There is a 1-hour lunch (not included) scheduled from 12 P.M. to 1 P.M. each day. There are 10-minute stretch breaks periodically throughout the day.

Training Location:

Staybridge Suites Albuquerque North

5817 Signal Ave. NE

Albuquerque, NM  87113 

Phone: (877)238-8889 or (505)266-7829



From I-25, take the Alameda Exit 233 East bound.

Turn right at the STOP sign from Alameda Blvd. onto San Pedro Dr.

Turn right onto Signal Ave. from San Pedro Dr.

The building address is 5817 Signal Ave. NE.

Please enter through the main entrance of the facility and follow the Skolnik signs posted inside the building to arrive to the conference room.


What to bring: Pencil and paper for taking notes 

What to wear: Casual, comfortable clothes

Inclement weather:  Should we experience inclement weather at any time during the training period, please check our web site at www.skolnik-tech.com or call us at (505) 299-1157 early in the morning on the class date prior to start of class, for instructions regarding the training schedule for that particular class date.  Thank you.

Registration: (please click here to register)

Lodging Accommodation (for our valued out-of-town guests):

Staybridge Suites Albuquerque North

5817 Signal Ave. NE

Albuquerque, NM  87113 

Phone: (877)238-8889 or (505)266-7829



       Skolnik Technical is also an active member of the ESD Association.