This 1.5-hour class is highly recommended as an annual refresher for students who would like to review electrostatic discharge (ESD) control, in order to prevent failures to ESD-sensitive products.  In addition, new, important continuing ESD control updates and valuable lessons learned from the past year will be discussed, as well as a Q & A session and related video demonstrations will be included in this class.  The original 3-hour "ESD Control for Electronics" class is the prerequisite for this refresher class.




  • What is static electricity?

  • How is static electricity generated?

  • Why do we care about static electricity?


  • Definition - ESD

  • Costs - How & where is your company losing money due to ESD?


  • Human Body Model - How does this affect the impulse?

  • Machine Model - Metal vs. Non-Metal

  • Charge Device Model


  • Tracking Your Product Flow - A trained eye to detect ESD upset areas

  • Covering Your Tracks - Procedure to analyze your facility

  • Grounding - Why? Where?

  • Floors - How can floors attribute to ESD? How do you prevent these problems from occurring?

  • Work Surfaces- Surfaces on which the components are being worked.

  • Equipment - Including your test equipment, soldering irons, etc.

  • Personnel - Yes, that's you!

  • Garments - Your clothing.....What is suitable? What is not recommended?

  • Raw Materials - Causing ESD upsets and thus inherent higher costs

  • Packaging Materials - Tapes, boxes, etc.

  • Procedures - What are the best practices which you can apply to save unnecessary costs?

  • Ionization - What is it used for? How do you utilize it effectively?


  • "Ground" Definition

  • Types of Grounding

  • Wrist Straps - How do you test them? How can they assist in ESD control? How can they be harmful?

  • Foot Grounders - How should you use them properly?

  • Static Dissipative Shoes - A right place & a right time for these gears!

  • Smocks - Factors to consider when using & cleaning them

  • Gloves - How can they assist you in ESD control?

  • Finger Cots - The obvious benefits, plus many others, of which you may not have thought...


  • Entrance Controls - And your authority to enforce ESD protected areas...!

  • Static Dissipative Flooring - Different types to suit your particular needs

  • Paints, Polishes, Strippers - For floors

  • Carpet Sprays - How do they work?

  • Floor Mats - Where are they most effective?

  • Tiles - Commonly found in most factories

  • Mobile Equipment - It also generates ESD!

  • Workstation Features - For your ESD Safe Work Area

  • Control Features - How do you maintain ESD to an appropriately safe level?

  • Monitoring - Various methods

  • Testing - Auditing


You will:

  • Learn & understand the causes of ESD failures

  • Learn the correct techniques & procedures for ESD control

  • Improve your workmanship skills for ESD control

Tuition: $250.00 (plus NMGRT if taught in New Mexico = $267.50), where NMGRT = New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax

Handbook: Included

Prerequisite: Our "ESD Control for Electronics" class or equivalent

Target Audience: Assemblers, operators, electricians, technicians, engineers, managers, warehouse personnel, maintenance workers

Instructor: Jay Skolnik, PE (Professional Licensed Electrical Engineer & ESD Program Manager Certified by ESD Association &  iNARTE ESDC Certified & IPC ESDC Certified Instructor & Active Member of ESD Association & Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) for National Instruments (NI) for the NI Electronics Workbench MultiSIM & UltiBOARD programs)


Related Courses: Basics of Electricity, DC Circuits & AC Circuits, ESD Control for Electronics

Hours: 1.5

Class Size: 5 minimum 

Dates: (please click here for our training class schedule)

Times: 9 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.

Training Location:

Homewood Suites by Hilton Albuquerque-Uptown

7101 Arvada Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone:  (505) 881-7300



From I-40 W, take Exit 162 for Louisiana Blvd.

Turn right at Louisiana Blvd. NE

Turn right at Arvada Ave. NE

Make a U-turn, Homewood Suites building is located on the right.

7101 Arvada Ave. NE


What to bring: Pencil and paper for taking notes


What to wear: Casual, comfortable clothes


Inclement weather:  Should we experience inclement weather at any time during the training period, please check our web site at or call us at (505) 299-1157 early in the morning on the class date prior to start of class, for instructions regarding the training schedule for that particular class date.  Thank you.

Registration: (please click here to register)

Lodging Accommodation (for our valued out-of-town guests):

Homewood Suites by Hilton Albuquerque-Uptown

7101 Arvada Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone:  (505) 881-7300


Various Comments from Past Attendees:

"I've had EE's try to explain ESD but it has never sunk in as well as it did today - Very good course!"

Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories


"The demos were great - it's so much easier to learn this way!  Thanks for an excellent class."

Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories


"I learned much more about ESD than I had expected.  This information will be used in my lab."

Technologist - Sandia National Laboratories


"I loved the hands-on demos.  They really helped me to appreciate and to better understand the do's & don'ts in ESD control."

Technician - Los Alamos National Laboratory


"I enjoyed everything about this class - its teaching style, class format, class content, teaching tools & demos.  Thanks very much!"

Technologist - Sandia National Laboratories


"The real life examples are simply invaluable - how not completely understanding the subject can make things worse."

Engineer - Sandia National Laboratories

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Skolnik Technical is also an active member of the ESD Association.  

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